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Glenart Wood

Glenart Wood is situated to the south of the Avoca River and access is just 1.5km from Arklow Town centre. The Glenart Estate dates from the Norman invasion when Theobald Walter, from whom the Butlers and the Dukes of Ormond are descended, was granted large tract of lands in County Wicklow. Glenart Castle, which is now privately owned, remains and you will catch glimpses of it through the woodlands.

Glenart Woods are nestled in a small glen with streams flowing through it into the Avoca River, making for a pleasant and tranquil 5km looped walk. Walking clockwise around the loop you quickly reach another forest road on your right. Continue straight for approximately 150m and you reach a junction that leads to the "stone bridge" on the left. A slight diversion from the loop across the stone bridge affords views over Arklow and the coast. Back on the loop walk bear right at the stone bridge as you progress along the southern side of the wood. A quarry is lies on your right and 300m further on you turn right at a junction. A further 500m further on the road bends to the right as you continue along the northern side of the walk. The loop is completed at the footbridge and walkers leave the site by retreating down the forest road on the left to the forest barrier.

Parking: limited in front of the barrier.

Grade: Easy for the most part.

Not suitable for Wheelchair users.

Robust buggies will cope with the route.

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