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St Mary’s Park Arklow

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Arklow’s Main Street Park may be small, but this site has played a big part in the town history. The Park itself is the site of the old St Mary's Graveyard - there are still some original gravestones around the perimeter of the park walls, which are interesting to explore. The soil level in the enclosure is about two feet above street level attesting to the numbers buried here.

From about 1810, St. Mary's Church of Ireland parish church stood directly across Main Street from the graveyard, which was also St. Mary's, named after the medieval church that had been in the area for centuries, but of which no trace now remains. If you stand in St Mary's Park and look across you will see the letters CHURCH BUIL in black paint on the white wall background. Unfortunately, the remaining engraved letters DINGS were at some stage filled in and painted over by the owner of the adjacent building. A new Church was completed in 1899, St Saviour's on Coolgreaney Road, which is still in use today. St Mary's Church on Main Street demolished in 1990.

To the end of the 19th century the town 'stocks' were situated in the Main Street Park and criminals

were paraded and jeered at. Take a look at the information panels within the park for more historical information about the area.

Today, St. Marys Park is a pleasant place to sit and relax if you are out and about enjoying one of Arklow’s many town walking trails. The fountain with ceramic tiled feature, a nod to Arklow’s pottery heritage, is lit in the evening. The Bandstand is the focal point for many of the festival and events that take place in Arklow throughout the year. The elevated view from the town park extends out over the River Avoca and the adjacent Riverwalk. There is free Virgin WiFi at this location

Open: 24 hour access

Address Main Street Arklow Co Wicklow

Access: Ramp and paved paths provided

Parking: in the adjacent carpark (paid)

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