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Arklow’s Urban Gardens

Along with St. Mary’s Park on Main Street, The Bloom Garden and the Abbey Cemetery & Rose Garden, there are four additional Urban Spaces that make up the ‘Town of Gardens Trail’. Exploring the trail with 7 gardens combined, is a lovely way to spend a relaxing day in Arklow and the total looped routes is 5km.

Dispensary Garden

Located on the site of the former Ferrybank Dispensary on the Dublin Road, this tiny haven is a welcome rest stop where you can relax and reflect. The earliest date recorded for the dispensary is 1851 and it was finally closed in 1954. The building itself was removed in the early 1970. The Ferrybank Dispensary worked in tandem with the fever hospital, which was located in the vicinity.

The horticulture of this unique garden reflects the purpose of the dispensary in serving the health and medical needs of the community for over one hundred years. Herbs such as mint, lemon grass, chamomille, lemon balm, echinacea and other plants that have medicinal benefits grow in this garden and are available to sample at your discretion.

Open: 24 hour access

Address Dublin Road, Arklow Co Wicklow

Access: Small path provided

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