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Buckroney Sand Dunes Nature Reserve & Beach

Buckroney Nature Reserve, managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, is 8km north of Arklow and is part of the same sand dune system as Brittas Bay, a few kilometers further north. The beach is quite vast and is backed by a massive expanse of hilly sand dunes.

If you are visiting the Nature Reserve, it is important to be sensitive to the unique biodiversity that exists here. Care is needed to prevent trampling the marram grass that binds the sand dunes, and to avoid disturbing the plants or trees growing here. Horses graze the dunes for part of the year as part of a sustainable grazing strategy allowing the dune flora and wildlife to thrive in the flowering season.

Buckroney is home to extraordinary biodiversity – birdlife like the little terns and nesting ringed plover, and varied wildflower like pyramidal orchids, wild asparagus, purple thyme, pink centaury and storksbill, blue speedwell and yellow lady’s bedstraw.

Roadside parking is available for a small number of cars and access down to the beach is through a small gate opposite. A 10-minute hike, steep in parts, across the gorgeous dunes is required before you reach the strand, so this beach won’t be suited to everyone.

The North section of Buckroney Dunes, as you look towards The European Golf Course, is a popular with naturists.


Car Parking: limited roadside parking – 10-minute walk to the beach

Nearest public toilets: Brittas Bay South Beach Car Park – 4km

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