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The Nuns Beach

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This glorious sandy beach, sheltered by the sheer face of the Arklow Rock, is just a short walk further beyond Arklow South Beach & The Cove. Following the gravel path leading from the rear of The Cove carpark, you will arrive to panoramic coastal views at Nuns Beach and Clogga Bay, which is also accessible at low tide when it’s possible to walk all the way to Clogga through the shallow water, around the rock face.

Take note of tides so you don’t get stranded on your return!

Families will love exploring the rock pools with crabs and starfish, as well as silvery shoals of tiny fish darting around, and finding hidden caves along the beach. Look out for The Smugglers Cave, a tunnel-like opening in the Rock, which was originally created by mining activity related to the adjacent quarry but was later said to have been used by pirates to hide their smuggled loot!

Look up – the large stone overhanging the rockface is called ‘The Hanging Stone’. This boulder is so delicately balanced on another rock that it looks like it could topple at any moment. It’s said to have been a place where Irish people were hung in times gone by.


Car Park at The Cove – 5-minute walk

Nearest public toilets: 5 minute walk – The Cove


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