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Best Hiking Trails in the Arklow District if you're looking for a challenge!

Among the many trails within easy reach of Arklow, are several offering a nice challenge to the experienced hiker.

Avondale Forest Park

Avondale Forest Park, on the outskirts of Rathdrum, is situated 18km from Arklow. The impressive Avondale House, dating from the 1770’s...

Arklow Riverwalk

The wide and meandering Avoca River flows through Arklow’s town centre and is a haven for nature lovers. A 3km Riverwalk loop begins from ed

Arklow Town Heritage Walks

There are six Heritage Walking routes mapped out around Arklow, all starting at Seaview Avenue, adjacent to the Arklow Nature and...

Kynock’s Park & North Seafront Walk

Nestled between The Arklow Nature & Wildlife Reserve and Arklow Caravan Park, is a small recently reclaimed area of scrub land which is now

Arklow South Beach & Cove

Just a short walk from Arklow’s Town Centre, are Arklow South Beach and The Cove. On route you will pass through the busy working Harbour a

The Nuns Beach

This glorious sandy beach, sheltered by the sheer face of the Arklow Rock, is just a 5-minute walk further beyond Arklow South Beach & Th...

Arklow Rock Cliff Walk

It’s not difficult to visualise that the Arklow Rock, which dominates the skyline to the South Coast, was once an active volcano. The lava

Glenart Wood

Glenart Wood is situated to the south of the Avoca River and access is just 1.5km from Arklow Town centre. The Glenart Estate dates from the

Clogga Cove

Clogga Cove is 5km south of Arklow and is one of Wicklow’s best beaches. Access to the sandy beach is via a path lined with high ferns towar

Ballymoyle Hill

A short 9km drive north of Arklow, Ballymoyle Hill rises gently to a height of 240m above sea level, providing the walker with some...

Porters Rock Beach

The beach at Porter’s Rock, just north of Arklow Town, is a spot popular with locals and largely unknown to visitors. The rugged coastal...

Ennerilley Beach

Heading north in the direction of Brittas Bay, just 5km from Arklow, is a real hidden gem of a beach! With only a small car park you need to

Woodenbridge – Avoca – The Meeting - Rathdrum

Leaving Arklow and driving inland for about 7km you soon come to Woodenbridge, a small settlement and home to Ireland’s oldest hotel, The Wo

Avoca Walking Tours

Avoca Walking Tours provide guided walking tours of the beautiful Vale of Avoca, just 10km from Arklow. Explore this amazing part of Wicklo

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