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2-Hour Donkey Trek

There is something special about donkeys! How could you not love those long fluffy ears, gentle eyes, shaggy coat, and cheeky character? Your experience begins at Clissmann Horse Caravans, situated in the Clare Vale just 30km from Arklow Town and lasts for 2 hours.

Enjoy an unforgettable donkey experience in the peaceful setting of this family farm in Wicklow. You will spend some time grooming and brushing your donkey, getting to know each other a little and slowly build trust and a friendly bond. Donkeys are very social animals who love cuddles and a good massage with a brush! Then off you’ll go for your tour! The walk is fairly easy with a mixture of road and forest path with lots of time for hugs, kisses, selfies and photos with the donkeys and some beautiful views to enjoy too.

Open May to September. Contact to check availability and book.

Address: Clissmann Horse Caravans Web:

Cronybyrne, Rathdrum, Email:

County Wicklow. Phone: 0404 46920

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