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Bloom Dementia Friendly Garden

This dementia-friendly garden was first showcased at ‘Bloom’ in the Phoenix Park in 2018. People with dementia and their carers were consulted in the development of the garden, which was subsequently relocated to Seaview Avenue in Arklow.

This Bloom Dementia Friendly Garden provides a calm, relaxing place for people to spend time together. The short walk around the garden provides a gentle multi-sensory experience aimed at slowly grounding the person in the here and now. The scented plants chosen not only give off lovely scents in the garden, but also help people reminisce about childhoods and younger days. The garden also includes a series of photographs as a reminder that the person with dementia is first and foremost a person that is part of family life.

The garden was located in this popular community-centric area to support an inclusive approach to all members of the community. People with dementia, their family, friends, and carers are embraced into the public community space which has a children's playground, skateboard park, street art wall, outdoor gym, green open spaces with nature reserve, and much more. An outdoor space that everyone can enjoy together. The garden was designed by Newton Saunders Ltd. and Trinity Haus research centre.

Open: 24 hour access

Address Seaview Avenue, Arklow Co Wicklow

Access: Paved paths provided

Parking: in the adjacent carpark (free)

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