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Kayaking in Arklow

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In this part of Wicklow, there is a simply beautiful coastline just waiting to be explored, with several easily accessible locations around Arklow to launch your Sea Kayak from. A fantastic uplands river catchment area also offers exciting opportunities for River Kayaking near Arklow, and is amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Ireland.

Sea Kayaking:

If you are an experienced kayaker, you can take to the waters in your own kayak from the shallow waters of The Cove beach. If you turn right you will pass around Arklow Rock, once an active volcano, before you travel alongside Nuns Beach and then on to Clogga Cove. At the end of the beach at Clogga there is a rocky outcrop which is home to a small seal colony. Always take care when out in the open water as the current can be strong – be sure to check weather and sea conditions before taking your kayak out into the Irish Sea.

River Kayaking:

The stretch of water between Rathdrum and The Meetings of the Waters along the Avonmore River is popular with kayakers, not least because of the wonderful scenery in this area as you descend gradually from the Wicklow Mountains.

Kayakers can enter the water at Rathdrum Bridge just at the northern end of the town. The take-out is about 7.5km down river, just at the bridge at The Meetings Pub.

The river has several continuous entertaining rapids and is surrounded by with beautiful Wicklow scenery and towering trees. Be mindful of the possibility of fallen trees along the route which may cause a hazard.

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