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Horse Caravan Holiday

Clissmann Horse Caravans are based in the stunning Clara Vale, 30km from Arklow, are offer you a truly unique holiday experience where for 3 nights you can pack up and travel with your Horse Caravan on quiet routes stretching through the Valley.

Clip clopping along, you will be surrounded by the peaceful and charming green Wicklow countryside which features wild valleys, clear rivers, mature woodlands, roads hugged by a canopy of trees, picturesque old stone bridges and traditional Irish cottages. This is a holiday where you form a strong bond with your horse companion, indulge in your childhood fantasies, splash around in wellies and toast marshmallows, and sing around the campfire.

The 3-night horse caravan adventure is suitable for everyone - over 70% of new visitors have no horse experience at all. Your horse caravan is well equipped to give you all the necessary comforts for your trip and yet light enough for one horse to pull. The caravans are approx. 5m long and 2m wide allowing for cosy daytime seating and night-time sleeping accommodation for 4-5 (two double-beds and a bunk bed suitable for children).

Open May to September. Contact to check availability and book.

Address: Clissmann Horse Caravans Web:

Cronybyrne, Rathdrum, Email:

County Wicklow. Phone: 0404 46920

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