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Arkventure is a new exciting social enterprise offering fun experiential learning opportunities for people of all ages.

Outdoor Learning with Arkventure is a broad term that includes discovery, experimentation, learning about and connecting to the natural world and engaging in environmental and adventure activities.

Arkventure offers single or multi-day expeditions, woodland and coastal learning, youth or community activity courses, school trips, outdoor and adventure sports coaching, sailing, powerboat training experiences and a full range of eco education and social history packages.

The ethos of Arkventure supports the transformation of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours through direct engagement with the outdoor environment for the personal and social benefit of individuals, families, society, community, and our planet. Your Arkventure experience is more than adventure sports or simply taking what could happen indoors outside - the aim is to provide the broadest range of outdoor experience’s tailored to your needs, in the most sustainable and environmentally secure manner possible.

Open: Year-Round - Contact Arkventure for bookings.

Address Arklow Harbour & Block B Kish Business, Arklow, Co Wicklow

phone: 0402 33505

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