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Kynock’s Park & North Seafront Walk

Nestled between The Arklow Nature & Wildlife Reserve and Arklow Caravan Park, is a small recently reclaimed area of scrub land which is now a short looped walk. The adjacent raised North Coastal Walk is a perfect complementary extension with wonderful views of the whole coastline to be enjoyed from this vantage point.

The Park forms part of the original Kynock’s site which spread 2km along the coastline, cover 400 acres, and was one of the largest explosive manufacturing facilities in the UK and Ireland. During the height of production during the first world war, 3,000 people were employed. In 1917 there was a terrible explosion which rocked the whole district and led to the loss of 27 lives. The factory eventually closed in 1919 with the end of the war and the sea has since reclaimed much of the site.

Parking: Along the adjacent Seaview Avenue (free)

Public Toilets: Main Street Car Park – 15 minutes walk

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